Travel Diary [Sitaron K darmiyan – A trip to FAIRY MEADOWS]

[Part I]

Well, the arduous journey came to a halt for a ‘Nashta Break’ at Mansehra and got us way more excited as we were before. You know why? The moment we stepped out of the bus, we were under the enchantment of beauty. The first thing I did hopping off the bus was to close my eyes and breathe in the fresh, unadulterated air. After finishing Nashta and that too with a view, I strolled around the place; where the sun emerged from the blue horizon. Silence ruled the atmosphere and only the musical melody of the wind could be heard.

From there onwards to Chilas and discovering other attractive landscapes such as Lulusar and Babusar, we reached Raikot Bridge. Trust me; the journey was not an easy one. It tested my patience and the will to travel. I started questioning myself whether this was a good idea or not but then again travelling has its own charm ❤ After reaching Raikot bridge, we had to take jeeps till Tatu village and it took around 2 and a half hours to reach there. The jeep ride was an adventurous one and the path was narrow enough to let only a single jeep pass through. It was scary even to think if another jeep comes along the way and how would it pass through but the drivers were amazingly skillful. Onwards from Tatu, the route became too narrow for the jeeps and that’s where the actual trekking started for Fairy Meadows. Interspersed with pine trees and lined with streams, the track is the second scariest in the world. Halfway up the trek, I was able to see a glimpse of the Might Nanga Parbat and I couldn’t resist saying that:

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.
-Martin Buber


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I was also oblivious of the fact that Fairy Meadows and the Mighty Nanga Parbat were as picturesque as the most aesthetic painting ever painted by the LORD Himself. The moment I reached Fairy Meadows, it seemed like a dream come true and there it stood amidst the clouds, The Might Nanga Parbat– in all its grandeur and glory. The whole effort of traveling all the way from Karachi seemed worthwhile in that very moment and the world just came to a standstill. I was obsessed with the view of Mighty Killer Mountain till the days we lived amidst the stars – Fairy Meadows.

Share your most adventurous travel story with me 🙂 Also feel free to share your feedback ❤

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