Travel Diary [Part II] Islamabad, the dreamy city!

To travel alone is not as easy as it sounds but travelling with your friends is one of the best experiences one can ever encounter. It was my first time when I finally decided to travel on my own leaving behind all my worries and fears. We booked our train tickets from Karachi to Lahore and then hired a car from Lahore which dropped us in Islamabad, a dreamy city  ❤

The moment I reached Isloo and that fresh air swept along my skin, I felt a sudden surge of excitement. I began to feel the stress and exhaustion blissfully melt away. Every person in this world feels the gentle tug of fascination toward some person, idea, activity or place. And sometimes that tug ain’t so gentle; beauty of Islamabad was one such vigorous tug. It seemed as if I was disconnected from the frantic world for some time.  Islamabad is one such mesmerizing place where you are able to refresh and recharge your soul! I can keep writing about this city since I fell in love with it but then this blog won’t end 😛 SO, let’s get back to the travel diary.

It took us a good month or two to plan up this trip. For first timers it’s always hard to find a reliable travel agent to start off the journey but we were Alhamdulillah lucky enough to find one. Royal Vein Tourism was an organized, courteous and user friendly travel guide. Our itinerary was tailored to meet specific requirements and a need to see all major sites/activities in only seven days. I was a little apprehensive about the whole trip but somehow it proved to be the trip of a lifetime ❤

Ending the post with one of my favorite quotes:
“Maybe you had to leave in order to miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was.” ❤

Stay tuned as i’ll be back with yet another adventurous travel blog soon.

P.S: Share your adventures in the comment section below. Also show some love 🙂

PC: Syed Muslim


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