EFU Life Insurance has yet again taken the responsibility to beautify the walls of K-Town through thematic wall art. It is one amazing initiative taken by them to reclaim different spaces that have been tarnished due to wall chalking.

Karachi, was for sure in dire need of such a campaign to make it cleaner. Further adding to this, the campaign also highlights the positive picture of Pakistan by depicting our rich culture and beautiful monuments in the form of art.

This project was originated in 2016 under the guidance of Commissioner Karachi, Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Khan, and his esteemed team of Commissioner Karachi Division, EFU Life. It has already covered walls at Ayesha Manzil and National Coaching Centre -NCC. This year, they aim to beautify Agha Khan Family Park, Garden East wall that stretches onto 750 feet and covers a wider spectrum than our previous projects at Ayesha Manzil & NCC.


EFU also launched a competition where you could show your passion for your beloved country through a painting or sketch and win a brand new smartphone. Ain’t that AMAZING? 😉

Visit their Facebook page:  EFULifeAssurance or search them on twitter with hashtag #MeriShaanMeraPakistan



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