Independence Day Celebrations 2017

Every nation celebrates its independence day with great zeal and zest. The day they were given a new life . In Pakistan too, the whole nation awaits 14th August, the day when we were granted a new entity. It is the ideal day to show our sense of patriotism and love for our beloved country. This does not mean that we should not be loving our country for the rest of 364 days 😉

Speaking of 14th August i.e. Pakistan Independence day reminds me of the Independence Day Clothing preparations. The most important part of that would be choosing the perfect green and white clothing. Since the spirit of patriotism is in the air, each one of us would be busy finding those logo-printed tees or kurtis for women with crescent and star on it. Here is one of my personal favorite which I would love to wear on this 14th August.

Independence Day Kurtis  are available in stores as well as online so that people can start off with their own look apart from lighting up the houses and decorating them with flags. You can dress up in a stylish way by pairing the below shirt with accessories that are available on stalls put up for the Independence day.

Pakistani Flag T-Shirts are the best part about the Independence clothing, They are my personal favorite. Here you go, have a look at this patriotic piece which has a crescent and star on it. You can always wear flag badges with these outfits.


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