McDonald’s is Spreading Smiles..!!

McDonald’s never fails to impress us, may it be their food, happy meal toys or this time they had by #SpreadingSmiles. They have initiated a SUPER CUTE & smiling campaign on Social media which is catching up and this blog post is inspired by the same campaign 🙂 Lets’s have a look at their  video that they posted on their FB page where people talked about the things that make them smile 🙂


Twitter reacted to this campaign in a cool way and here are some of my personal favourite picks:

Speaking of McDonald’s, let me tell you that I am a super huge fan of it since childhood. I still remember Airport wala McDonald’s used to be like my second home ❤ and now Askari one is. No matter how old I would be, Happy Meal would always remain my FAV and first choice and I’m a toy hoarder ❤

If we talk about this campaign, I have always followed one simple rule in my life and that is not to let rude people get me and always greet grimaces with smiles. Always remember there’s something positive, even in a negative situation.

So, here are MY 5 ways for Spreading Smiles. You may always add a little spice 🙂

Forgive and forget about finding fault.
Trust me that’s the easiest life hack. Just forgive and forget the people who threaten your joy. Look through them 😉

Give genuine compliments.
See the light in others, magnify their strengths as it is on us whether to bring encouragement & kindness  or discouragement & pain into someone’s life.  The choice is ours!!

Stop everything and really listen.
Never underestimate the therapeutic power of listening to someone wholeheartedly.  It is by far the most sincere form of respect and hence encourage people to talk 🙂 This will eventually bring a smile to their face.

Always greet people with Smile, may it be strangers.
Never Frown. I know it’s not easy to keep smiling always as we have been going through a lot but lets just try bit by bit. ‘Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t smile back’ goes a saying.

Be improbably Generous.
Its a wonderful legacy to leave behind. Just be generous and good to people no matter what. Being generous is CLASSY 🙂

The best part is that #SpreadingSmiles  doesn’t cost you anything and it’s the best morale booster.
Let me know what are the things that make you smile in the comment section below. What do you do to spread smiles?

Until next time ❤


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