M&P Rolls Out Their New Launch Offer..!!

Chances are when you first see or hear the name M&P, it conjures some image in your brain: the largest distribution house in Pakistan. For the ones, who are unaware of the fact that Muller & Phipps have re-branded OCS Pakistan Pvt Ltd as M&P Express Logistics. It started courier and logistics operation in Pakistan back in 1986 and since then, has transformed a great deal.

Over time, as the needs of consumers have changed, so has the logistic industry.
Let’s face it, we’re facing times of uncertainty, perhaps more so than any other in recent history. Is there anything you can be sure of any more?
The answer is YES! You can be sure to get a discount in the Month of May after the recent roll out of M&P launch Offer. You can send any half a KG document for Rs. 50 within city and Rs. 100 for another city.  Also, they are giving away some souvenirs 😀 Isn’t that an amazing discount to avail and that too for a whole month?

Lets wish them Best of luck.

Here’s the video:

To learn more check them out on Facebook or visit their website.

Happy M&P-ing!!
Until next time, c’ya 😉



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