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5th Islamabad Literature Festival..!!

Capital’s 5th literature festival began on April 14, 2017.

Islamabad, April 14, 2017: Islamabad’s 5th Literature Festival started yesterday (Friday) here at a local hotel. The festival will feature a line-up of around 150 leading Pakistani and international authors, academics, journalists and artists along with exhibitions, book fair and a sumptuous food court.  The three-day festival is being organized by Oxford University Press (OUP).

The inaugural session was attended by the leading journalists, writers, poets, intellectuals and a large number of visitors. Addressing the inaugural session, OUP MD Ameena Saiyid said “Our goal is to make reading a pleasurable activity for young and old, men and women. We are aware that engaging and appealing books can entice children into the golden web of readership, promote creativity and imagination, and kindle hope for a more inspired and accomplished Pakistani generation in the future. This year popular personalities of 8 countries including Germany, France, Canada, Singapore and Italy will participate”, she said, adding ‘that this year we are celebrating 70 years of Pakistan at the 5th Islamabad Literature Festival.’

The keynote addresses were followed by a performance by Amna Mawaz Khan, one of the few classical dances in Pakistan who specialise in Bharatnatyam. She dedicated her performance to Mashal Khan, a student beaten to death in Mardan and talked about how no one came to his aid. She and Imran Nafees Siddiqui performed to Habib Jalib’s zulm rahe aur aman bhi ho as the tribute followed by Tillana, a Bharatnatyam piece by Indu Mitha.

After the inaugural some other sessions were held on interesting topics – Judiciary and the common man had Ashraf Jahangir Qazi, Afrasiab Khattak, and Bushra Gohar while the session was moderated by Mujahid Barelvi; a conversation between Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro and Elisa Iori was held on heritage and social mobilization in post-conflict reality; Prison Narratives, a book by Akhtar Baloch held the complete attention of the audience.

The three-day literature celebrations will continue today and tomorrow as well with many interactive sessions, performances and activities featuring prominent literary personalities and several book launches.

Thousands of literature lovers throng ILF on the second day

Islamabad April 15th, 2017: Many literature lovers thronged the 5th Islamabad Literature Festival on its second day yesterday (Saturday) marking remarkable success for a large number of interactive sessions, dialogues, performances and literary activities here at a local hotel. According to details, residents of twin cities portrayed their unbiased love not only for literature but for the literary icons belonging to different countries of the world by visiting the capital’s Literature Festival.

To discuss the core issue of water, a special session titled “Where has all the Water gone? was well attended. Experts and concerned citizens Nisar A. Memon, Kaiser Bengali, and Aaron Mulvany debated the water crisis in Pakistan which was moderated by Rina Saeed Khan”. A Performance by Nimra Bucha and Sarmad Khoosat on readings from Amrita Pritam and Sahir Ludhianvi’s poetry focusing on their unique vision and elusive, unspoken romance was also featured on the second day of ILF. Attendance in the hall was reflective of the people’s interest.

“Gender Violence, Law, and Power in Pakistan focusing on feminists’ struggle for justice and equal rights” was held in which Nafisa Shah, Sherry Rehman, and Ijaz Shafi Gilani participated with moderator Samar Minallah Khan.  PPP MNA Sherry Rehman lamented that the state has gradually been losing its monopoly on violence, which allows others to take up arms and “lynch women and innocent students”. She said that in the 70s and 80s religion and politics were tied together, which resulted in murderous consequences for women and minorities who continue to suffer in Pakistan today.

Several new books including Pakistan ki Tehzeeb o Saqafat by Kishwar Naheed, Hybrid Tapestries: The Development of Pakistani Literature in English by Muneeza Shamsie, Learning to Live with the Bomb: Pakistan: 1998–2016 by Naeem Salik, Hyat-e-Shayr and Sur Mandal ka Raj by Ali Akbar Natiq, How Pakistan Got Divided by Maj Gen (R) Rao Farman Ali and The Arts and Crafts of Hunza Valley in Pakistan: Living Traditions in the Karakoram by Jurgen Wasim Frembgen were also launched on the second day.

Pakistan ki Tehzeeb o Saqafat by Kishwar Naheed – Book Launch

5th ILF ends on a high note

  • Anwar Maqsood dominates the last day sessions

Islamabad April 16, 2017: Islamabad’s mega literature celebrations ended yesterday (Sunday) as the Fifth Islamabad Literature Festival concluded here at the Margala Hotel. The success of the event could be gauged by the large number of vibrant participants who attended on the three days.

Tthe last day of ILF was dominated by renowned artist Anwer Maqsood as he had a session “Uljhay Suljhay Anwar which was included the author his wife Imrana Maqsood, Hoori Noorani and Sarmad Khoosat. A house-full at the session presented a huge tribute to the living legend.

The session ‘Will Technology Influence Music?’ featured Noori’s Ali Noor, Rakae Jamil, Masuma Anwar, Akbar Yezdani and moderator Taimur Rahman. Starting off the session, Laal spokesperson Mr Rahman said technology has always impacted the arts and music. Mr Noor said technology has become paramount for live performances which are complicated, because artists need to be able to hear themselves to play well. “For me, the biggest problem was the people who were providing sound and technology in Pakistan had nothing to do with music. he said.

On its last day, ILF also hosted many book launches including Intikhab: Khalida Hussain compiled by Asif Farrukhi, Intikhab: Masood Ashar compiled by Asif Farrukhi, The Aleph Review-Taufiq Rafat: Defining the Pakistani Idiom, Teesra Qadam by Nasira Zuberi and The Corporate Governance Landscape of Pakistan by Sadia Khan, and Kalaam e Aarifaan by Hasan Aziz.

The closing ceremony of ILF was followed by an enthralling dance performance by Shayma Saiyid which was widely acknowledged by the audience. She dedicated her performance to Mashal Khan, a student beaten to death in Mardan. The increasing number of participants in all halls, in the corridors and food-court is testimony to the fact that the ILF is a popular event now.

For more details, please follow #IsbLF.

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The Woman Who Taught Me To Be Strong.

I was never ready for you to leave and you never told me how I was supposed to live without you for the rest of my life. I used to think that I couldn’t go a day without you or your smile. Then, the day arrived and it was damn hard. My heart was sinking and I knew it was going to get worse. I knew losing you was not for that one day; it was going to happen every time. I still cannot believe that you’re gone and people kept telling me to get over it. However, I know how to deal with grief now and you may be gone from my sight but you shall remain in my heart forever. I’m just living another year with you and will see you soon on the other side of the stars 🙂

 A little about her though:

She is the only person who taught me to be strong fight the world single handedly. She has been a true inspiration. I don’t remember what habits I have adopted from her but I know that she’s the one who taught me to live and let live. Her smile was the BEST thing in the world. It could melt hearts. Her love was/is something that I cannot explain.
It was made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain.
It was endless and selfless.
It was patient and forgiving when all others were forsaking.
It never failed or faltered.

This post was inspired by Nestle Pure Life’s campaign #ProudToBeMyMum. For more amazing mother daughter stories, follow the hashtag. Some of my FAVs are:

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TPL Maps roll out Pakistan’s First Street Vision Map

Users will now be able to virtually explore the streets of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad on their smartphone from anywhere they want.

Karachi –April 13, 2017: TPL Maps has launched the Street Vision feature for Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The attribute will allow users to virtually view the streets of three major cities through their smartphones. This is the first of its kind feature being launched in Pakistan which is a technology breakthrough by any mapping company in the country.

The street vision comes packed with features which include 60,000+ images and covers a street network of approximately 3,000 kilometers across the three top cities of Pakistan. Consumers can now virtually see their favorite locations such as restaurants, hotels, residential areas, cinemas, parks and other popular public places from almost anywhere around the world via their mobile phones.

Our Street Vision feature provides people in Pakistan with a unique experience to roam city streets without being physically present at the spot. The Street Vision feature is being launched for the first time in Pakistan and resides as part of our strategy of localization and providing exciting services to our consumers. Our enthusiasm is palpable as this service will be a game changer for students, business and start-ups across Pakistan,” said Adeel Hashmi, Head of Maps, TPL Trakker.

With the launch of this feature, Pakistan can boast of being one of the few countries in the world to have a local street level view. No other mapping service in the country provides such comprehensive street level view experience. Our vision for this digitalization age in Pakistan is to bring continuous innovation in the mapping solutions to create value for individuals and business users of TPL Maps platform.” he added.

The Street Vision feature is expected to expand to other major cities of Pakistan in the future including Quetta, Peshawar, Faisalabad and other cities in the span of next few months.

TPL Maps already offers Satellite View and Night Mode options as part of the free app offering and with Street Vision feature being added, it intends to be the household mapping brand in Pakistan. Soon consumers will be able to add their favorite location on Street Vision which will generate a lot of interest and enthusiasm among the digital savvy youth populations of the country.

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Where to Shop Bridal Dresses Online in Pakistan?

As soon as the Wedding season approaches, females start to look for some trendy yet desi type wear. However, most of us are afraid to buy stuff online as we are unsure of the material or the credibility of the product. Same is the case with me, for such heavy and formal dresses I prefer going to the mall rather than buying online. But, now we have an option to buy Bridal Dresses online and you can choose from an unlimited collection!! Here’s a sneak peek at two of my FAVS.

You can even buy some elegant Chiffon Dresses and flaunt your style that will surely fetch you compliments for your rich sense of style. They have a variety of dresses and that too with amazingly reasonable prices. Let the next festive occasion see you look wondrously graceful wearing this red and black dress. This can be best flaunted with silver heels and earrings or any neck piece of your choice. I am not much of a heavy dresses person but this ones seems beautiful and I am thinking to add it to my wardrobe.

Online Shopping in Pakistan has made its place as most of the people prefer shopping from the ease of their homes instead of going out in this heat and traffic. You are now able to buy any sort of stuff online may it be a clothes, makeup, gadgets, furniture and what not. Everything is just a click away from you. This might seem as a dream but it ain’t.

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