Sparkistan – A Sparkling tribute to Unsung Heroes of Pakistan

Atlas Battery has initiated a sparkling campaign on Social media #Sparkistan which actually proves that our beloved country Pakistan is full of immense talent. They traveled all over Pakistan and showcased stories of 15 heroes who were not given the fame they deserved by highlighting their achievements

It made my heart swell with pride when I saw the anthem they had released earlier, here’s the link:

Here’s a sneak peek at two of the heroes who were revealed recently.

Zymal Umer a.k.a. Pakistan’s Youngest Social Entrepreneur.

9-year-old child prodigy is the youngest entrepreneur from Pakistan. She is the founder of Zee Bags. She makes bags out of old newspapers and sells them for Rs 70 each. With all her income, she helps the underprivileged orphan children.

Woah! Way to go, young lady 🙂

The other hero is Syed Fahad Ali

Instead of complaining about everything that was wrong in the country, Syed Fahad Ali set up the Aghaz School that provides free education to children residing in the informal settlements of Karachi. The project was initially started in Karachi but has now spread to Islamabad, Lahore and Nawabshah.

This shows that instead of complaining about things that are wrong in this country, we can play our part and bring the change. Applause for this man for going an extra mile and proving himself as an asset for homeland.

Visit Atlas Battery’s facebook page: Atlas Battery or search them on twitter with hashtag #Sparkistan  to get to know all these amazingly talented heroes. Stay tuned for more inspirational stories!


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