Sees Record-breaking Online Sales on Black Friday

Karachi, December 05, 2016: saw record-breaking online sales with growth of 700% on Black Friday. The real upswing was evident in the purchasing of tickets and hotel bookings.


During the four-day event, travelers enjoyed amazing deals and discounts across multiple categories including hotel reservations and online flight booking for international and domestic purposes.

The booking frenzy started at midnight on November 25, 2016, with an influx of millions of travelers to witness what Black Friday had in store for them.  With more than 250 tickets sold and over 150 bookings in just four days, marked the highest record in the history of online booking portal.

The event also witnessed a surge in domestic travelling as more and more people booked hotels in northern parts of Pakistan. A total of over 50 hotel reservations were made through online portal.

Commenting at their success, Shazil Mehkri, CEO, (Pvt.) Ltd said, “We are humbled to report that the response was beyond expectations. As an online booking portal, we focus on making travel easier for the Pakistani travelers.  We aim to give customers priority and strive to continuously exceed their expectation and deliver a better experience.”

The purpose of partaking in this sales event is to make sure that everyone gets a chance to fulfill their travel wishlist,” he added.



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