In Conversation with the Woman behind MockingJay – Warda Amin

Who doesn’t love a bold and statement making handbag! I absolutely love ’em too ♥ There was something about MockingJay bags that captivated my attention at the very first glance! So, I just though to speak to the lady behind #MockingJay.

Speaking about the brand, Warda Amin said:

It actually started of as a small exhibition and when orders started coming, we had to start a page. A year later here we are. We are totally Pakistan based which we are very proud of.

Our aim is to design bags which are fun and trendy but also affordable. We put our customers before everything else. We believe that good customer service leads to a long term brand.

What is your design philosophy?
The design philosophy behind a Mockingjay bag is simple. It has to be something we will carry ourselves too. We try to design bags which would catch your eye the first instance you see them.

What’s the story behind this name?
There is no story really behind the name. I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games books. And I loved what the Mockingjay represented in them. Start of a revolution. So it started as a tester and stuck!

Who are your favorite designers? What aspired you to start off with MockingJay?
We try not to obsessively follow foreign brands, because it eventually starts showing up in your designs. But we love Kate Spade and Betsey Johnson. The Row is pretty amazing. Locally we love Mahin Hussain, who is so inspiring and Nefer Sehgal, who is not only uber talented but incredibly nice.

What are your future plans in regards to MockingJay?
This started off as a way to blow off creative steam. We thought it would be one exhibition, a breather and then another maybe. Turned into a full time thing and we love it.

In the near future, we are finally introducing a tote and wallets! Both of which were requested a lot. In the long run we want to introduce home accessories and bring our affordable, likable aesthetic to that.

Why did you opt for this profession and who has been your inspiration through and through?
Like I said this wasn’t supposed to be a profession as such. But since it has become one, we always say what a great job to have! Every day we get to do things that we love and which girl doesn’t like dealing with bags day in and day out? Honestly every working woman inspires me. It is a tough job to have kids/family and to work along with that. I get inspired by women who build each other up, instead of bringing each other down. And kindness, people who are kind are awe inspiring to me.

Currently some bags are on the top of my wishlist this year 🙂  They would definitely make a great conversation starter!

Here are a few of my #TOPPICKS from #MockingJay’s stunning collection:


4 thoughts on “In Conversation with the Woman behind MockingJay – Warda Amin

  1. i shopped from Mockingjay and was pleasantly surprised by how amazing the customer service is. They offered me a full refund incase I didn’t like the bag. No questions asked. I loved the bag but the size was large so they exchanged the bag. I was really impressed!

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