Recently, we have started “Fun at Work” at our workplace. This includes different activities everyday. Day before yesterday, we had a write up activity and below is the write up that I shared. I hope that you enjoy reading it 🙂


An organization’s customer service past cannot be changed, no matter what. The ghost of customer service past haunts many organizations.
In past, it meant doling out smiles and occasional phone call from an upset customer. In the modern world, there’s a lot more to it. As technology & communication continue to evolve, the landscape of customer service has changed, and Instead of just calls and mail, customers can now reach by social media and live chat.
A personal experience: Whenever I purchase perfumes, I always go to the same place. Why? The real reason is CUSTOMER SERVICE! Specifically, a few small gestures such as someone always approaches me when I enter and helps me find what I need. This is the essence of “frugal wow”— small gestures that create lasting loyalty. That’s how customer service should be.
Tomorrow’s customers won’t be so accommodating rather demanding. They will be skeptical and quick to move on if they aren’t satisfied. They’ll prefer not to talk to “customer service.” Instead, they’ll want to connect with experts for problem solving.
Like DISNEY, you should focus on improving your experiences and optimizing the mundane. Learn from the past, act in the present, and change your customer service and customer experience future for the better.




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