December is here!

It’s actually funny how time flies by. It seems just like yesterday 2015 started and it’s December [my birthday month 😉 ] already and this too is passing too quickly.
In a nutshell, 2015 has been a difficult year and I’m thankful that it’s gone. One more thing that is about to happen in December is my Best Friends wedding and she’ll move to Dubai. 😦

Lessons Learnt in 2015:

The only time that exists in life is now as you can’t replay it. Everyday truly is an opportunity to learn and grow, not in a cliché kind of way, but to honestly appreciate what we are capable of achieving and how we are responsible for the quality of our present lives.
This makes our self-respect, focus, work ethic, generosity, self-awareness, and growth evermore important, right here, right now.  It leaves no time to wallow in self-doubt.

As for 2016, I’ve decided for some new writing schedules. I’ll be sharing some Picture posts every Wednesday which I might name as Wednesday Wisdom. #FingersCrossed for this plan though. (Days at work are sometimes hectic)

Thank you fellow bloggers, visitors, friends, family and strangers for being there and making this year memorable. I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 🙂


16 thoughts on “December is here!

  1. Happy December and nice to meet you!! Wednesday Wisdom sounds wonderful and whether you stick with it every week or not it is understandable. There is life outside of the blog;)


      1. Good evening dear, I have a new blog post and its specially for you

        Thank You

        “Only in gratitude can we discover how far our altitude has changed.” – Irene Ikiriko (2015)

        Some people say it’s old fashioned to be too polite. A little thank you never hurt anyone.
        A long time ago I read about a young man who asked a motivational speaker who was a multi millionaire for one of his million dollar words that would change his life in exchange for a dollar. The motivational speaker

        Please follow the link for the rest of the post

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