The BIGGEST lesson my father’s death taught me

I can relate to this ❤ Losing a loved one is terrible.

Of Organized & Twisted Chaos & What Nobody Talks About!

Today marks 31 days my father passed away. For the past 31 days my biggest struggles have been keeping my family and myself together, not letting the world break me and the most important one: not to turn into a cold person because that would hurt my father’s soul the most.

For the past 31 days I’ve had countless parts of me die for the moments of my father’s soul leaving his body keeps flashing right in front of my eyes. I haven’t been able to sleep properly because every single night I relive all those moments from that night. Even if I manage to sleep early (thanks to the sedatives) my eyes would pop open at 2 am, exactly the time it all began. Falling  asleep between 2:45 to 4:00 am seems impossible as that period holds the most scariest moments of my life where for the first time ever…

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