I Love Fall Tag!

Hey guys! Happy October and I hope you’ve been having an amazing season.

I was tagged by Sana from Sanasramblings for the fall tag.
Fellow bloggers, if you’re reading this, you’re tagged! Just copy paste the below questions and replace with your own answers. Leave a link of your blog post in the comments below so that I can read your answers too 🙂


I love Fall Tag: 

1- Favorite fall lip product?

Lip balms all the way. They remain my favorite throughout the year. 🙂 I would even prefer plum colored or red!      


2- Favorite drink for fall ?
I love Tea! Cappuccino wouldn’t be bad either 😉 

3- Favorite fall nail polish?
You won’t believe but i’m not much fond of cosmetics but yeah may be dark shades by Color Studio Professional.

4- Favorite fall candle?

Umm, all sorts of scented candles.

5- Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
Hands down Haunted house 😛

6- Favorite scarf/accessory for fall?
Fall is all about layering, and so my scarves, loose fitting sweaters, cozy cardigans and blazers can come out of hiding. 

7- Favorite candy?
Mars or Cadbury!

8- Your favorite horror movie?
Sinister for now.

9- Favorite blush for fall?

Color Studio Professional Pro Blush Pixie Pink 103. This one is my all time favorite. 

10- Favorite thing about fall?
Cold weather (BRRR..) snuggled up at home with a good movie, hot tea, a good book, lots of cuddling, bonfires. Changing color of leaves!
Crisp wind blowing through the leaves outside your bedroom window. It feels like something out of a movie. Man! It’s love! ❤




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