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9 Things You Need to Know Before You Engage with Bloggers for Your Business



As the rise in technology hits the world, the ever changing Digital Media Marketing business evolves at an even faster pace. Marketeers, in the attempt to come up with newer and more innovative means to make their product stand out, are trying unconventional mediums to propagate their messages.

While your Facebook, Google and Mobile Apps flood with advertisements, the constant flow of information makes it harder to make truly rewarding purchase decisions. This gives rise to an alternate method of disseminating content: Organic Seeding.

Organic Seeding uses individuals who are considered Key Opinion Leaders to spread awareness about a certain product or brand. Since these Key Opinion Leaders are trusted within their niche social communities, having their endorsement for your initiative can make a considerable difference in creating Top of Mind Awareness, generating conversations and in some cases even influencing purchase decisions.

More and more brands are starting to realise the…

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The new face of TCS Connect is here –

How does one identify those online shopping sites which have a wide variety of products, the best deals, offers, customer service and are trustworthy? It might prove to be a difficult task. This is where Yayvo comes in. It’s where you can shop with ease for products you are looking for, without having to worry whether your shopping experience is safe or not.

TCS Connect is now, a part of TCS E-COM (Pvt.) Ltd. In the age of ecommerce, it is almost criminal for a business to not sell online and Yayvo is a stimulating entry in Pakistan’s mushrooming ecommerce market. TCS has been a well known brand for more than 30 years in Pakistan and assures of excellence, efficiency and reliability to its clientele.

Yayvo offers fast, easy and a very interesting shopping experience where you can save time, effort and money. You can shop for all your needs from the comfort of your home and then you have a wide range of products to choose from. You’ll find everything you need including: stationary supplies (Get Get School), electronics, apparel, accessories, beauty products, soghaat, books (Yay! as I’m a bookworm:D), room decor and more. It serves as a one-stop shop for all of your shopping needs. Isn’t it just amazing? 

12003182_948386838566958_5489039424651299686_nWant to shop from Amazon…. and get the parcels delivered right to your doorstep no matter where you live in Pakistan?

Need to replenish your beauty stash?
Looking for a pendant suitable for office wear or a stunning neckpiece for a wedding function?

Desiring to shop for High street brands like Sana Safinaz, AlKaram, Asim Jofa and others which are favorable for every occasion? is the ultimate choice. A shopping portal that will change the way you shop.

The festive season is just round the corner and I am sure you all would have started shopping or at least creating a wish list of what all you would be purchasing. Life is so busy and so much to do for Bakra Eid, but now there is by TCS to get you everything for home, kitchen, gifts, or family – everything except the qurbani itself!

Needless to say, my first stop is Yayvo and I’m sure yours would be too! A shopper’s haven. 😉

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