A special note for you….”Thank You”

Today, I wasn’t motivated to write anything special on my blog and I felt like I was letting some of you down.

As I was sitting around staring at the keyboard and wondering what I can come up with, nothing really popped into my head except the words “Thank You”.  We all have choices and I realized some of you have chosen to visit my blog and read my contents and that’s when those two words jumped into my head and I knew I had to take the time to write you a simple “Thank You” for appreciating my writing and giving a few moments out of your busy schedules to read my blog.

These are the moments I enjoy the most. When I see my hard work and time spent staring into space until the semi-coherent thoughts start making some type of sense on the screen.  For that I thank you once again and I will do my best to continue to put words that inspire, make you laugh, cry or even dislike me just to keep you coming back for more.

Today I paused for a moment and I was grateful for the small audience I am building all because of you.

Thank you fellas, visitors, friends, family and strangers….you have made me proud of my Writing Realm.

Thank “YOU”.



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