True Picture!



I have come to a point in my life where I have realized how shallow the reality of life is!! How easily we keep building castles of sand that are based upon fake promises by others, and just like sandcastles, the tides are bound to ruin those castles too; leaving behind remains, of what were once our dreams.

This world is nothing but a huge trade house, where everyone is not for sale, apparently; until the right price is struck. This is the world we dwell in is cheap and vile; its people avid to hate and repulsed by love. It scares me to realize how much we are losing everyday when we are surrounded by those who give off negative vibes and unknowingly we are influenced by them; unknowingly inculcating that negativity into ourselves until we too become one of them; heartless and scornful. There are some people who have so much bitterness brimmed in their hearts that they cannot help it but be hurtful to those who are less fortunate in their lives. 


They suck out the happiness from your and fill you up with agony with the wrath of their words. Like a drop of filth that makes the whole pond vile, their hearts turn black as coal as they burn in a fire that is smoldering their hearts.


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