Birthday Post..!! ;)


Clock struck 12 and the date was 27th December 2014. So, here comes my birthday! I couldn’t believe that year has passed already; it was like a blink of an eye. On this day, I wanted to share what’s on my mind and dwells in my heart. I debated whether to write and publish my thoughts or just keep it in my head. But the amazing thing about having a blog is the ability to reflect on a time of your life in the future. I wanted to document and also share with you some thoughts. My lessons, hopes, fears, dreams and gratitude… I wonder if you ever feel the same?
Through experience, I’ve learned so much over the last decade. Part of me wishes I knew then what I do now. That I had the confidence and self-assurance I now possess, but I guess you can’t develop that without enduring conflict situations. The journey you go through to understand who you are, what you stand for, your values, beliefs and standards is an amazing one. People have come and gone (unfortunately sometimes you just lose touch and some I’m pleased to say are gone!), but those who I’ve chosen to continue to grow with are truly cherished. There are friends I know will be life-long and some live thousands of miles away, but the connection is never in doubt and you know no matter what, when you see them it’s like no time has passed. I remember my Dad once said, if you can count your true friends in life on one hand, you are very blessed. 

I realize that I’ve changed a lot in ways I didn’t expect to. For one, day-to-day I live in ballet flats now. Not heels. There’s just something about being comfortable that seems to grow more important and outweigh the need to be entirely impractically glam 24-7.

My ultimate learning? Always listen to your instincts and have the confidence, conviction and trust in yourself to follow them. Over the last year particularly, this has enabled me to pursue my dreams and with hard work, dedication and focus, make them a reality. My hope for the future is to continue evolving and to live my life with purpose and passion.
The last ten years (and longer) has gone by in a blink and to be honest, that scares me. Over the last few, I think I have become more aware of appreciating life and the people in it. The times we are all together are precious and I have to admit, in those moments I sit back and try my hardest to soak it all in. I want it etched in my memory forever. I also can’t help but feel a little pang and lump in the back of my throat because I think, “right now, right here in this very second, my world is perfect”. Because it is and I fear knowing one day it isn’t always going to be like this.

I dream of wondrous things to come. Making a difference and putting my mark on the world, achieving goals professionally and personally, continuing to travel and delighting in the opportunity to learn, grow and experience.
As the sun rises on a new year tomorrow (for me =P), I feel appreciative of the past, contentment for the now and excitement for the future. With lots of change on the horizon, I have a feeling that this chapter of my life would be better than the previous one…

Cheers! Thanks for being with me on my Special Day, for all the wishes and prayers that I have received…!! 🙂 You guys made it worthwhile. Thanks a lot. Love you all..!!   


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