To My Hero..!!

What can you say to someone who has always been one of the essential parts of your world?

Someone who took you by the hand when you were little and helped guide the way?
Someone who stood by to help you grow providing love, strength and support so you could become an individual you are today?

What can you say when you hope that you’ve inherited some of his wisdom and his strengths?

If I ever get a chance, I would say “I love you, Dad”
This blog of mine is actually dedicated to my Father.
Hero, what’s in a hero? A dash of bravery, a sprinkle of intelligence, maybe a pinch of modesty. Sorry to disappoint you but… no one knows. Of course it’s been experimented upon, but no real results have been set in stone. To me a hero is someone with strong character, integrity, with a relentless persona. To me, it can symbolize my dad.
He taught me to take the “high road” in every situation. I am not as perfect as my father in accomplishing this extraordinary lesson, but I always try.
He taught me to be self-aware. “Develop your own self-awareness, which will lead to discovering your own strengths and skills.” This, he explained, will instill self-confidence.
My father, through his actions, instilled within me my life’s values: “Have a high moral compass. This is the code of ethics you will follow through all the days of your life.”

“Be appreciative,” was a major value he showed by his actions.
As I write this blog, my face creased into a wide smile. I wish I could wrap my arms around him and tell him his life’s lessons are alive within my soul… every day of my life.
There are several things; in particular, that almost always trigger his memories.  There have been countless occasions when something hits me. A line or situation sticks out, reminding me of my Dad in some way. Suddenly something’s different; there’s a pang of emotions, a feeling of nostalgia, or a flood of bittersweet sentiment.
There’s something incredibly bittersweet about accomplishments, knowing that my Dad’s not here to enjoy them with me. 
Now, if something major happens in my life, I have a moment of longing, wishing he could be here to see what I’ve done and 
know the person I’ve become.


Hands down, one of the hardest things that have come with losing my Dad is the occasional realization of how much time has passed. Birthdays, holidays, and other milestones are all reminders.
There are moments when I consciously think about how long it has been since he is gone; it’s as if having him here was a past life of mine—a movie that I’ve watched countless times and memorized but never actually lived.  So, I make a concerted effort to replay poignant moments in my mind.
His voice on the phone, his warm hugs guiding presence, all are no longer accessible in a real and physical sense. Physical planes cannot separate love. Love is stronger than death. My relationship with my dad continues. He lives on through me. When I achieve something, win at scrabble, watch television, read the novels and even write an article, I feel as if we are together.

Thank you, dad, for being there. You were more than essential. You were a beacon of truthfulness, kindness, and silent courage.

To a fighter, a best friend, an inspiration, and a father!




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